Seeking Support (and the right app for that)

Wow, this is the week of support group meetings.

Last Sat. my NT son & I went to the Sibling Clubhouse at the Autism Community Store in south Denver.  It was awesome & I really hope it is something that my kiddo looks forward to every month.  I wish it were closer.

Tonight we’re going to the Family Pizza Night autism support group at Beau Jo’s Pizza.  The kids are excited that we’re eating out on a Wednesday.  Whoo-hoo!

Then Saturday we’re going to an National Federation of the Blind support group for my husband, who has a degenerative eye disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa.  We’re hoping to talk to a few totally blind iOS users for some tips.

We just bought two iPad minis with our tax refund.  One for our son with PDD-NOS and one for my hubby.  So now I’m fully immersed in appland.  This is my first journey into tablets.  I didn’t realize how many keyboard shortcuts I use until I had no keyboard to work with.  AIIIIIGHGHGHGHGH!

I’m trying hard to set up the iPad for the kiddo with USEFUL yet engaging apps that will support what he’s trying to get through at school.  On my own, as we haven’t started therapy yet, so I’m the head researcher.   And at the same time, I have to keep him from getting access to the iTunes store and Netflix.  lol  And my credit card.

While I set up the one iPad, listening to the background noise of NT sib feeling cranky that HE didn’t get an iPad,  my legally blind husband needs some help setting up HIS iPad.  Didja know that voiceover and zoom in accessibility change all the frickin controls???  Omg f!@*^&$ three finger tap and rotate, what???  Tap each letter three times just to type?

In the meantime, I’m waiting to hear back from the Doctor about the Fragile X tests that we’re waiting on.  The IEP meeting is this Friday.  And my best friend is packing up her apartment to move to a house and desperately wants my help.

Hmmm…and no one has done the dishes for some reason.  Good thing we’re eating pizza tonight!

Sometimes I’m sad and overwhelmed by all this.  Sometimes I’m incredibly frustrated and angry as I deal with my son’s idiosyncrasies.  Sometimes I’m just amazed that I seem to still be holding it all together.

UPDATE:  Wow cool!   I just found a support group just for me 😀  And it involves yoga at the same time.  Life is good.


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