You are far more powerful and wise than you dare to give yourselves credit for.

This is the title of the latest Ron Head post.  Sometimes I really resonate with him, and I feel like he wrote something just for me.  Rather than repost in it’s entirety, here’s the link on American Kabuki.  The gist of it is:  (the bolding is mine)

  • “First, the things which are happening are very necessary for Earth herself as she transforms into the beautiful being she will be and creates beautiful life where her children have created death and ugliness.  She is doing these things in ways and in places which are not causing massive loss of life and property.  Life is precious to her.”
  • “We now arrive at our second point.  We would wish that you, as you read and watch these things, and we ask it of you since those reporting seem to still be going for the shock value, remember to thank Earth and your Creator for causing this to happen in the manner that it is.  Hold gratitude in your hearts that no one or very, very few were harmed.  And celebrate the progress that is being made.  In this way you can help this trend to continue.  With fear and worry… well we have taught you enough about the effects of fear and worry, have we not?”

Fear and worry create more fear and worry.  But gratitude creates bounty and kindness.

Over the last several months, I have been researching several topics and some of them are really not pleasant.  Sometimes, I’m drawn to things and I find a useful source and start reading.  One link leads to another.  I’ve read a lot about Monarch Programming, ritual satanism, and the Illuminati.  Oh, and paedophilia, as the Brits spell it.  One day I researched the Amityville Horror story.  Some days it was financial news.  These are SO not my usual topics.  As I read, certain point would leap off the page at me and go “BING!”  I figure that’s the information I went there to find.

My dear friend BouncyDragon has worried for me sometimes as I told her bits of this.  I got so involved researching the nastiness, that I left the blogging community I was at, because it wasn’t the right place to share that information.  Yet, there was a reason that I learned of these things and while I was reading it, it didn’t make me feel afraid or paranoid that these things would affect my loved ones.  I don’t have bad dreams, I don’t worry during the day, it has not brought me pain to consciously focus on these subjects.

I really think that part of it was about sending light to these areas of darkness.  Looking back on some of it, I feel that I was practicing gratitude that this information is coming to light, forgiveness toward the perpetrators, and celebrating the healing of the victims.  I know that Ron Head’s piece is about natural occurrences, and that these that I mentioned are very much, man-made occurrences, but when I read his post, the voice in my head went, “AHHH!  That’s what I was doing!”

It’s all about perspective.  It’s about the fact that I am more powerful and wise than I’ve been taught, and so are YOU!  I can sit here, in my office, and quietly direct my power and the universe re-arranges to suit my perspective.   I have changed my own life and experimented with this a lot.  I created my soulmate in my life, and I’ve literally used my light like a laser beam at negative people and laughed as they crossed the street to avoid it.  Such fun!

For the last twenty odd years, I’ve been slowly realizing my own power.  This perspective shift changes how you live your daily life and face the challenges that come up.  Try it.  Ponder, how would a powerful being of the light handle this?  The fear simply falls away, because as a powerful being who can’t be destroyed, there is no fear of pain, fear of other people’s opinions, or fear of failing.

I spent last night giving advice to a SNAG (NOT being insulting here…I like SNAG’s) about talking to women.  Sigh.  He’s got to first do some self-esteem work and allow himself to feel that he deserves a good partner.  Can’t fix him, he had to step into the idea of his own worth.  One of the things I told him was to practice talking to every attractive woman he meets AS IF he knew that she wanted him.  Eventually, one will believe him and be willing to co-create that reality.  My friend of my dearest friend, YOU are far more powerful and wise than you dare to give yourselves credit for!

I wish I had a make-people-know-inator. Image I’d zap them and awaken them to the idea of their own power and confidence.  What if everyone woke up and found that they had God-like powers?  Would you use your powers for good?

Guess what?  Thou ART God, grok?


4 thoughts on “You are far more powerful and wise than you dare to give yourselves credit for.

  1. Inspired and excited that you are following my blog at
    BECAUSE when I read your post it was like reading it in a mirror. It is freakin awesome how many illuminating words that you write reflect the exact words and passion I write out to our Glorious and infinent existence.

    I got so exited when I read about the studying you’ve done because I am getting ready to publish a YA fiction called “Tunneling” . I call it an allegory for thrill seekers. I lived in many of those dark places you’ve been studying about and for 20+ years have been free to bask in the light of our true existence. This book is about some of these experiences.

    • That is the best part isn’t it Pamela? There’s reflections of us everywhere. I tend to believe, most days, the theory that we are all one, we just need a lot of eyes to see it all.

      I’m sorry to hear that you had to exist in dark places, and thrilled and celebrating that you survived and are basking in the light. When the book is published, remind me and I’ll add it to my ever-growing book list.

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