Setting Intentions and Right Action

Thank you Thomas, your post inspired me.

“Simply by changing our intention. Our intention is a thought and belief, in certainty, of what we desire to happen. And through setting intention and consistent action you create the exact kind of life you want!”

It LOOKS like that’s the way things work.  A. set intention  B. consistent action towards the intention  C. gain your desires.  It is work, you do a little at a time, and slog through the hard times until you make it!

For me, backwards works best.  I have had the most success in believing that the goal is already achieved and then practicing my ability to allow that to be true.  As I allow it to be true, the opportunities to align to my desire appear more frequently.  Because I am looking for and expecting these opportunities and helpful people, I see them.

The reality is a frequency created at the moment of intention.  Then you align with that frequency regardless of appearances.  The more you release resistance to your desire, the faster it appears in your experience.

It feels weird and backwards, and it doesn’t feel like work.  If feels like a series of coincidences.  Most people have felt the series of unfortunate coincidences, where everything goes all crapazoidal.  With conscious effort you can practice so that you get a series of FORTUNATE, happy coincidences.

There is action, and when you’re aligned, it is right action done at the right time.  Unavoidable and necessary at that moment.  Most of the “work” comes in aligning with the desired frequency, not through action.

The problem with setting goals is that when we set the intention, we often are fighting ourselves, believing that we have to keep our intentions “realistic”, thinking that we don’t really deserve to get it.  That’s a big lie, of course.  You can ask for anything, and you get exactly what you believe you deserve.  And every single time you have a thought about this intention, you either allow it or you resist it.  So we want it, but can’t have it, but we want it, but it’s not likely, but we want it, and no one else wants it, but we want it.  Tail chasing self-sabotage!

Have I made this work?  Yes.  Am I able to do it all the time?  Yes, because really that’s all any of us can do.  Do I consistently creating nothing but positive results?  NO!  Nor would I want to in the long run, it’s that imperfectly perfect thing I’ve got going.  Have I done anything big?  Yes, I created my soulmate.  Mostly I do lots of small things.  I create perfect parking, extra money, helpful people, lovely sunsets, and loving friends.

These days, when annoying, frustrating things start happening, I take notice of my own thoughts and make adjustments to my own energy, then I try again.


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