Relevant Flotsam and Jetsam in the Mainstream

I’ve been reading about corruption in the Vatican for years.  I am SO EXCITED to see something in the mainstream about how the Pope’s butler leaked some “shocking” information.  It’s not on a conspiracy theory website, it’s on NBC!  Yippee!

(When I figure it out, I’ll post the video.  I be noobish for now.)

It’s not just the Pope, it’s Boystown, it’s Penn State, it’s Jimmy Saville, it’s evidence of human trafficking in DC.  All these things are coming to the light that were hidden and shameful and abusive, because we are shifting.  Before, it was appropriate to keep those things hidden and lots of people conspired to keep it hidden whether they were directly involved or not.  Things are changing and it’s not acceptable any longer.

Rampant pedophilia exposure is hitting mainstream.  And I’ve seen some questioning of the Federal Reserve Bank, and the IRS, in the mainstream.  Rather mild questioning compared to the conspiracy theorists, but it’s a start.

So far David Icke has been pretty dead on about all the paedophiles in Britain.  I find a lot of his philosophy intrigues me and rings true.  And I deeply respect him for facing the ridicule he’s experienced.  Grande cojones.  But, if he turns out to be right about the Queen of England being a shape-shifting, baby-murdering reptile, I’m gonna twitch.  Lots of people are gonna twitch.  I’m withholding judgement for now.

I’m eagerly watching the news these days watching for signs of a shift that I feel is coming.  I feel like sanctity of the Vatican has finally been breached and it’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Catholic priests are actually being charged, and victims are coming forward.

It’ll be okay, we’ll haul it all out into the light and say that’s enough and we’ll all be the better for it.

I like what David Wilcock has to say about it in his blog:

The insider chatter is that Anonymous presented the Vatican with similarly damning information. It was literally the “offer you cannot refuse.”
Had this offer not been taken, unbelievably damaging information would have been made public — including video.
What we are seeing, in short, is a gradual process of change. Everything is being done slowly, so as not to upset the public too much.
However, the symbol of lightning — once seen in context — is a powerful indication that Benedict’s resignation is a very positive event.

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