Time to Recharge

I’m feeling a bit exhausted and emotionally drained.

Now that I’m home, I’ve got to get back to work.  Tomorrow is a day where everybody goes back to school and work.  Not me, of course, Sunday is my busy day.

But right now, I might have a tantrum.  Don’t push me….I bite.

I’m closing the door.  I drinking this pretty good limeade.  Ooh, take off the things that are squeezing me.

Unwind.  Breathe.  Roll my shoulders.  Ahhhh….a little bit better.

Bend over and stretch my back a little and let it morph into rag doll.  Sit back down and stretch up with my arms.  Ahhh….a little easier to breathe.

Break over.  Here comes the next one.

Better or not!  Here they come!


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