Shift Happens

This morning was amazing!  My children got up, got ready, ate breakfast, PICKED UP THEIR DISHES!, and they were ready to go on time.  My youngest was ready 20 minutes early, so he sang songs and played a drum for me.  lol

Conversations that would normally lead to anger were diffused, nobody whined, there was no name calling, and no one got punched, kicked, or yelled at.  (A rare thing in a houseful of boys.)

I had a brief moment where I stopped and thought, “Are these my children??  Should I check for strange lumps on them, make sure they have their thumbs?”  It made me laugh, yet as quickly as I could, I quit wondering if they were my kids and said “YES!  I choose THESE children!  I LIKE these children!”


It was like I was flying!  Suddenly, I had these ideal children.  The most important part, if you find yourself flying is not to question why, but to enjoy the sensation and allow it to happen.  So I quit questioning and focused on how good it felt and said things like, “No, we can’t turn on the TV, but you could sing for me.”  Thank you Douglas Adams for teaching me this lesson.

From the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy:  “This is a moment for superb and delicate concentration. Bob and float, float and bob. Ignore all consideration of your own weight simply let yourself waft higher. Do not listen to what anybody says to you at this point because they are unlikely to say anything helpful. They are most likely to say something along the lines of “Good God, you can’t possibly be flying!” It is vitally important not to believe them or they will suddenly be right.”

 I have been asking for peaceful, easy mornings.  Apparently, I am getting better at aligning with it and, of course, it affects everyone with whom I interact.
Over the last three months, I’ve been really busy and I’m feeling lots of energy moving.  Juggling lots of paperwork, making lots of doctor’s appointments, submitting receipts to the healthcare reimbursement form, improvements for my son, new adaptive equipment for my husband, LOTS of networking and support groups, meetings at school.  Making travel plans, getting plates & emissions for the car, learning the iPads and researching new apps.
There was a point in my life, where trash day was the busiest day of my week.  (Oooh, an appointment.)  Now, I’m spending entire days out going places.
Mostly, I’m feeling good and surfing the chaos.  Occasionally I wipeout and it hurts, yet it doesn’t feel as hopeless as it did.  I’m seeing major shifting in my personal energy.  I do feel down sometimes, but I’m finding that when I do, it’s a sign to take care of myself, usually sleep or food will fix my whole attitude.
It’s a learning experience, though, to get the really good times and simply cherish them and anticipate it being like this more often.  Allowing it instead of questioning the miracle and causing a massive, painful crash.

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