Even Grateful for the Zit on My Nose

Any problems that I have in my life are miniscule.  A teeny tiny annoyance.

And, yes, that even includes the zit on the end of my nose.  It feels big and throbbing, but really, it’s really tiny.  I’m blessed that being broken out, which I haven’t been for a while now, is the biggest of my problems.  It’s all a matter of perspective, right?

I am blessed with a husband who loves me AND both tells me and shows me, even when I haven’t done the dishes.  I am blessed with wonderful kids who are polite and can behave in public.  So much so, that I had at least six strangers tell me how polite both my children were.

I am blessed that we got to splurge today and buy a bunch of things we needed and some that we simply wanted.  Is it really a splurge if you spend it on practical things and necessities? I suppose it depends on your definition of necessity.  We bought some sensible things that will be quite helpful in our lives, but it was more than we would normally spend and it felt like a splurge.

We went from the south side of town, to the west side of town, then back to center.  There were frustrating moments and lots of traffic.  There were nearly some tantrums and a bit of whining, there were moments of hearing “I’m bored!,” and a LOT of navigating through parking lots and crowded places.

That doesn’t sound too bad to most people, I know.  But guiding my blind husband through a crowded computer store with two children who don’t want to be there is stressful.

Do you know what most sighted people do when they see someone with a white cane?  They get quiet and press themselves against the wall.  Faugh!  It’s irritating.  If you see someone with a white cane, SAY SOMETHING so they know you’re there.  They’re not deaf and it’s not contagious.  If you’re quiet, you’re likely to get whacked.  By the way, my hubby cracks up over it.  His cane gives him the right to whack people and it’s their fault!

I’m blessed that he can so readily laugh at other people’s ignorance about his life.


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