Living in Interesting Times

So appropriate that I’ve just been reading Terry Pratchett’s “Interesting Times.”  I AM currently living in interesting times, and it is a bit of a curse, but at least, not a boring curse.

I just spent the night at a friend’s apartment and helped her do the final packing and get her kitties to the new house.  Sounds simple, even a bit fun, right?

Not.  OMG I’m so thankful that while there was drama, it wasn’t MY drama.  At least much of it.

First the movers said, we’re getting a blizzard Saturday, so we’re rescheduling you to Friday.  AIIIIGHGHGHGH!  That messed everything up.  All the last minute packing that was to be done Friday during the day, now had to be done Thursday night.  So, I helped get my family ready for Friday morning and took off to go help pack.

The people who were living in the house that my friend has now moved into, didn’t really want to leave.  Sigh.  So when we went over at 8 am, to go park the cats and dog, the previous tenants were still in the house, not moved out, but obviously working on it.

So, we couldn’t leave the pets there.  We did leave the extra car there, and the dog and the cats all rode in the same car.  Yay 😐

I went back to the apartment and while my friend and her new housemate dealt with the movers, I sat in the car and dozed.  Finally I decided that I should drive over and be the spy who announced when they were gone.

Luckily, I was comfortable, I had things to do.  I had my phone, a book, some chocolate.  Poor kitties, though.   They were in the carrier for a long time.

The previous tenants got out just before my friend’s moving truck showed up and I managed to score a few parking places on the street for the truck.

Everything did work out, but whatta pain.

I am so thankful that I don’t have angry people in my universe very often.  They didn’t do very many spiteful things, just blew out the pilot light on the furnace, said a few rude things.  Ah well, not my move, not my problem.

I’m so thankful to be home!  And now I don’t have to help on Saturday.  Here’s what’s going on in my head…my bod’s too tired to dance that vigorously.  snoopy dance


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