Tuesday Evening on Mount Olivet

I just read a post at American Kabuki that made me think of the Urantia book.

What exactly, I’m not sure. I’m not exactly a serious scholar of the Urantia book.  But I remember some of my favorite study groups had to do with The Life of Jesus, the last quarter of the book, and there was some discussion about shifting to a holographic planet.  It was a long time ago and it could have been off-topic discussion.  Sigh.  Little snippets of remembrances that might be meaningful are annoying.  But it was quite clear, I can remember whose living room I was sitting in and what it smelled like.

Here’s the paragraph I read:

“Good day dear ones! I am Hatonn, and I am here to tell you that so much is happening within the framework of what will be in place when the mess is cleaning up. There is so much that has been readied and will be set into place when all of the rubble is cleared away and the ones who created it have either seen their folly, or have been taken to their own holographic planet. They don’t even recognize their power of creativity to the utmost, for this holographic planet is of their creation. They are so dependent on keeping their power that they have secured their desire to reign and have separated themselves even further from the rest of humanity.”

I went surfing for the terms holographic and planet at urantia.org just to see what would come up.  Nothing much, but I was still poking.  I decided to search end times and poked around through the quotations to see what rang true.  I paged through pages of links, til one seemed right.  The link I followed was to a paper called Tuesday Evening on Mount Olivet.  I glanced over it, but nothing really jumped out at me.  It’s easier to play magic book with a physical book.

I looked up and grabbed my copy of the Urantia book down off the shelf, asked for something relevant, and opened the book.  (Toward the back, as I have this sense that the reference that I’m looking for is toward the back.  But pfffft…it’s a huge book.)

The page I opened up to in my copy of the Urantia book is Tuesday Evening on Mount Olivet, on page 1917.  The hair on my arms kind of stood up as the chill ran through me.  Like I said, it’s a big book.  To randomly open up to a paper that is only seven pages long in a nearly 3,000 page book….well, there are no coincidences and I do call it magic book.  I figured there must be something here for me to read.  I was drawn to the lower left side of the page and read:

(1917.1) 176:3.5 “To every one who has, more shall be given, and he shall have abundance; but from him who has not, even that which he has shall be taken away. You cannot stand still in the affairs of the eternal kingdom. My Father requires all his children to grow in grace and in a knowledge of the truth. You who know these truths must yield the increase of the fruits of the spirit and manifest a growing devotion to the unselfish service of your fellow servants. And remember that, inasmuch as you minister to one of the least of my brethren, you have done this service to me.

(1917.2) 176:3.6 “And so should you go about the work of the Father’s business, now and henceforth, even forevermore. Carry on until I come. In faithfulness do that which is intrusted to you, and thereby shall you be ready for the reckoning call of death. And having thus lived for the glory of the Father and the satisfaction of the Son, you shall enter with joy and exceedingly great pleasure into the eternal service of the everlasting kingdom.”


Bing!  The answer I got is that holographic planets aren’t for me, so no need to worry it.  My job is to carry on serving my fellow servants, and in doing so, growing in grace and in knowledge of the truth.  Not exactly the reference I was looking for, but relevant, indeed.  Be careful what you ask for.  (Actually, it should be very precise in what you ask for.)

Wouldn’t it be nice if there is some truth that “all the mess is getting cleaned up” as so many channelers have intimated?  In the meantime, I’m cleaning up the messes in my own life and in my head.  I would love that the energy I’m experiencing is merely a reflection of the greater whole.  I’m ready for some massive change for the better for everyone.


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